Maamannan (2023) Movie Subtitle Download

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Maamannan Subtitle Download

In this politically charged narrative, a seasoned statesman and his son find themselves thrust into the heart of a ruthless power struggle. Their tranquil lives take an abrupt turn when a cold-blooded scion of a powerful political dynasty embarks on a vengeful quest for ascendancy.

The film delves into the cutthroat world of politics, where ambition, revenge, and treacherous maneuvers shape the destinies of the characters. As the political scion’s thirst for power intensifies, the statesman and his son become unwilling participants in a high-stakes battle of wits and influence.

Themes of legacy, morality, and the price of power likely play a central role as the characters grapple with their roles in this gripping political drama. The narrative unfolds as a tense and emotionally charged exploration of the lengths people will go to in their pursuit of dominance and retribution within the complex arena of politics.

Release Date28 June 2023
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 19m

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