Maaran (2022) Movie Subtitles Download

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Maaran Movie Subtitles Download

“Maaran,” the 2022 Indian Tamil-language action thriller, unfolds a gripping narrative penned and directed by Karthick Naren, with co-writers Suhas–Sharfu and Vivek weaving a tale of courage and consequences. The plot revolves around an intrepid investigative journalist whose exposĂ© lays bare bitter truths about a corrupt politician. As the incriminating article hits the headlines, the journalist finds himself ensnared in a perilous web of political intrigue and power play. Battling threats, coercion, and personal jeopardy, he becomes a lone crusader against systemic corruption, determined to bring the truth to light. “Maaran” delves into the dark alleys of journalistic integrity, unveiling a high-stakes thriller where one man’s quest for justice transforms into a battle against a formidable nexus of corruption.

Release Date11 March 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time130 Minutes

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