New Bollywood Movie (2022) Jaadugar English Subtitle Download

New Bollywood Movie (2022) Jaadugar English Subtitle Download post thumbnail image

Jaadugar Movie English Subtitle Download

A small-time magician, bereft of athletic prowess, finds himself entangled in a whimsical quest for love. To win the heart of the woman he adores, he reluctantly enters a high-stakes football tournament, a realm far removed from his magical exploits. Armed only with determination and an unconventional approach, he navigates the field, turning every match into a spectacle of illusion and charm. As he dribbles through challenges and conjures unexpected feats, the spectators are captivated by his unique blend of magic and football. Through laughter and awe, the woman he loves discovers a new dimension to her suitor, and the small-time magician learns that love, much like his tricks, thrives on unpredictability and a touch of enchantment.

Release Date15 July 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 47m

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