New Bollywood Movie “Forensic” English Subtitle Download

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Forensic Movie English Subtitle Download

In the serene hill town of Mussorie, tranquility shatters as a malevolent presence terrorizes the community—a serial killer targeting innocent little girls. A tenacious police inspector and a brilliant forensic expert form an uneasy alliance, compelled to pool their skills and resources to apprehend the elusive murderer haunting the picturesque landscapes. As they delve into the darkness that envelopes the town, the duo unravels chilling clues, navigating a sinister trail of secrets and deceit. The gripping narrative intensifies as they race against time, piecing together the puzzle of the psychopath’s motives. Amidst the haunting backdrop of the hills, a relentless pursuit ensues, testing the limits of their expertise and resilience. The collaboration between the inspector and the forensic expert becomes the linchpin in unmasking the malevolent force threatening the town’s peace and innocence.

Release Date24 June 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 14m

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