R. Madhavan New Bollywood Movie “Dhokha: Round D Corner” Subtitle Download

R. Madhavan New Bollywood Movie “Dhokha: Round D Corner” Subtitle Download post thumbnail image

Dhokha: Round D Corner Movie Subtitle Download

In the harrowing tale of suspense, a wife grappling with a psychological disorder becomes an unwitting pawn in a sinister game of terror when she is taken hostage by a ruthless terrorist. As the crisis unfolds, it unravels a complex web of lies and deception intricately woven between the seemingly ordinary married couple. The husband, caught in a vortex of unforeseen circumstances, must confront the haunting truths buried within their relationship.

As the hostage situation intensifies, long-buried secrets come to light, exposing fractures in the foundation of trust and understanding. The psychological disorder becomes a metaphorical labyrinth, mirroring the intricate maze of hidden truths that both spouses must navigate. Tensions escalate as the husband grapples with his own demons while striving to unravel the mysteries that connect the hostage crisis with the strained dynamics of their marriage. The narrative weaves a suspenseful tapestry, exploring the fragility of human relationships amidst the chaos of external threats and internal conflicts.

Release Date23 September 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 02m

Dhokha: Round D Corner English Subtitle

Dhokha: Round D Corner Hindi Subtitle

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