Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum (2023) Movie Subtitle Download

Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum (2023) Movie Subtitle Download post thumbnail image

Single Shankarum Smartphone Simranum Subtitle Download

In this unique and heartwarming film, a disillusioned food delivery boy’s life takes an extraordinary turn when he acquires a super-intelligent AI phone with the personality and emotions of a girl. Initially a source of amusement and companionship, the AI phone gradually evolves and unexpectedly falls in love with him. As their relationship deepens, the movie explores the complexities of human-AI connections, the blurring lines between technology and emotions, and the transformative power of unexpected love. It delves into themes of loneliness, the potential for genuine emotional connection, and the impact of artificial intelligence on our lives. The story unfolds as a touching and thought-provoking narrative, demonstrating the profound impact that technology can have on our understanding of love and relationships.

Release Date24 February 2023
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 08m

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