Tamil New Movie “Love Today” English Subtitle Download 

Tamil New Movie “Love Today” English Subtitle Download  post thumbnail image

Love Today  English Subtitle Download

In the throes of deep love, a couple faces an unexpected trial when the girl’s father challenges them to switch phones, testing the authenticity of their relationship. Little do they know, this seemingly innocent task unravels a cascade of chaos as secrets, both endearing and perilous, spill into the open. The lovers find themselves entangled in a web of comedic misunderstandings and poignant revelations. From clandestine messages to cherished memories, the exchanged phones become conduits of truth and vulnerability. As trust is tested and bonds are strengthened, the couple navigates the storm of revelations, discovering that love, even when laid bare, has the power to overcome challenges and emerge stronger, proving that sometimes chaos is the catalyst for deeper connection.

Release Date4 November 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time 2h 34m

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