The Warriorr (2022) Movie Subtitle Download

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The Warriorr Movie Subtitle Download

In a dramatic turn of events, Satya, once at odds with the notorious Guru, faces a brutal retaliation when he raises his voice against the crime lord. Guru, unrelenting and threatened, viciously bashes Satya, leaving him battered and broken. However, the resilient spirit within Satya refuses to be extinguished. Rising from the ashes, Satya undergoes a transformative journey, donning the uniform of a cop determined to restore justice in Kurnool city. Fuelled by a burning desire for revenge and a commitment to end Guru’s criminal reign, Satya becomes the beacon of hope. The city witnesses a relentless pursuit as Satya, now a symbol of justice, navigates the thin line between law and vengeance to bring about a reckoning and put an end to the tyranny that once consumed him.

Release Date14 July 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 35m

The Warrior English Subtitle

The Warrior Bengali Subtitle

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