Akshay Kumar Movie “Raksha Bandhan” English Subtitle Download

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Raksha Bandhan Movie Subtitle Download

As the eldest brother to four sisters, Ravi, a humble chaat shop seller, shoulders the weight of familial responsibility with unwavering determination. Amidst the aromatic chaos of his bustling street food business, he silently battles to keep a promise made to his ailing mother — to protect and nurture his younger siblings. Ravi’s days are a delicate juggling act, blending the artistry of crafting savory delights with the pragmatism of managing a household. The aroma of his chaat mixes with the fragrance of familial bonds, creating an unspoken harmony in their modest home.

Despite the daily struggles, Ravi remains a steadfast guardian, not only providing for his sisters but also instilling in them the cherished values passed down by their mother. His story is a testament to the resilience of familial bonds and the indomitable spirit that arises when love and duty converge in the heart of a man devoted to preserving both his family and their cherished traditions.

Release Date11 August 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time1h 48m

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