Chhatriwali (2023) Movies Subtitle Download

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Chhatriwali Subtitle Download

In this empowering and socially relevant film, “Breaking Barriers,” the narrative centers around Sanya, a brilliant young chemistry genius. Faced with the challenges of unemployment, Sanya decides to channel her skills and knowledge toward a unique and impactful mission. Determined to bring about a positive societal change, she embarks on an unconventional path.

Sanya’s journey takes a compelling turn as she sets out to educate the youth about safe sex, filling a crucial gap in a conservative society where such discussions are often shunned. Through her innovative and relatable teaching methods, she tackles taboos and dispels myths, empowering the younger generation with essential knowledge.

As Sanya’s mission gains momentum, she faces resistance from conservative elements in society, testing her determination and resolve. “Breaking Barriers” is a poignant and inspiring tale of a young woman’s resilience, as she endeavors to make a difference while challenging the status quo, all while seeking her own place in a challenging job market.

Release Date20 January 2023
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time1h 56m

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