Diljit Dosanjh New Movie “Jogi” English Subtitle Download

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Jogi Movie Subtitle Download

In the tumultuous backdrop of 1980s India, where religious tensions rise ominously, three steadfast friends, hailing from different faiths, unite for a noble yet perilous mission. Avinash, a Hindu, Sara, a Muslim, and Raj, a Sikh, bridge the divides that threaten to tear their city apart. As communal strife looms large, they embark on a courageous journey to liberate hundreds of people ensnared in the chaos.

Their friendship, a beacon of unity, becomes a testament to the power of solidarity in the face of adversity. As they navigate through the labyrinth of danger and distrust, their shared belief in humanity fuels their resilience. The trio confronts not only external threats but also internal conflicts, challenging societal norms and prejudices. Amidst the upheaval, their alliance becomes a symbol of hope, challenging the divisive forces that seek to tear apart the diverse fabric of their nation. In this gripping tale, they embody the spirit of resilience, transcending religious boundaries to champion the cause of justice and freedom.

Release Date16 September 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time1h 56m

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