Akshay Kumar New Movie “Cuttputlli” English Subtitle Download

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Cuttputlli Movie Subtitle Download

In the serene hills of Kasauli, a quiet town is gripped by fear as a cunning serial killer prowls its streets, leaving the lifeless bodies of teenage girls in public spaces. The enigmatic murderer taunts the local police force, challenging their competence. Inspector Arjan Shetty, a seasoned investigator, is thrust into a race against time to prevent further tragedy and bring the killer to justice.

Haunted by the chilling crime scenes, Inspector Shetty navigates through the town’s secrets, chasing elusive leads while battling against the clock. The twisted mind of the murderer unravels in cryptic messages, heightening the stakes with each victim. As the tension escalates, Inspector Shetty must unravel the mystery, confronting his own demons in the process. The scenic tranquility of Kasauli transforms into a chilling backdrop for a relentless pursuit, where Arjan Shetty must decipher the twisted motives and trace the footsteps of a merciless killer before more innocent lives are claimed.

Release Date2 September 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 14m

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