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“Farzi” featuring Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi appears to be an intense and fast-paced thriller set in a world of high-stakes deception. The story revolves around an artist who gets entangled in the shadowy world of a con job, where high risks and deceit reign supreme. Simultaneously, a determined and fiery task force officer endeavors to eliminate such threats and challenges plaguing the nation. The narrative promises to be a high-octane, one-of-a-kind thriller, filled with edgy and adrenaline-fueled sequences, encapsulating the artist’s journey through the treacherous world of deception and the officer’s relentless pursuit to dismantle these menacing forces, setting the stage for a gripping and suspenseful tale of deception, intrigue, and high-stakes action.

Release Date10 February 2023
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Episodes8 Episodes

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