First Day First Show (2022) Movie Subtitle Download

First Day First Show (2022) Movie Subtitle Download post thumbnail image

First Day First Show Movie Subtitle Download

Determined to win Laya’s heart, Seenu embarks on a mission to secure first-day-first-show tickets for the much-anticipated movie “Kushi,” featuring his idol, Pawan Kalyan. His enthusiasm propels him into a frenzy as he navigates long queues and online ticket platforms, fueled by the promise of sharing this cinematic experience with Laya.

Despite facing challenges like sold-out shows and technical glitches, Seenu’s unwavering dedication prevails. Through a stroke of luck, he manages to secure two coveted tickets for the premiere. With a triumphant smile, Seenu approaches Laya, tickets in hand, ready to share not only the exhilarating Pawan Kalyan magic on the big screen but also the joy of a newfound connection.

Release Date2 September 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 19m

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