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Rudrangi Movie Subtitle Download

Bheem Rao Deshmukh, a tyrant who oppresses his people, is drawn to a beautiful woman named Rudrangi and desires physical contact with her. In order to satisfy his obsession, he terrorises her village.

Set during the 1940s, the story is about a ruthless monarch and womanizer, Bheem Rao Deshmukh (Jagapathi Babu). Mallesh (Ashish Gandhi) is his confidant. Bheem Rao rules Rudrangi and treats the local people there as his slaves. Meera Bhai (Vimala Raman) is his wife, but to fulfill his limitless lust, he marries another woman Jwala Bhai (Mamta Mohandas).

But Bheem Rao is not happy with the tomboyish nature of Jwala Bhai, and he asks her to stay away from him. One day Bheem Rao comes across a woman named Rudrangi (Ganavi Laxman), and he falls for her beauty. Bheem Rao badly wants to have a sexual encounter with Rudrangi, but he learns a shocking fact about her. What is it? How that changed the fate of the local people there forms the crux of the story.

Release Date7 July 2023
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 22m

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