New Bollywood Movie “Nazar Andaaz” English Subtitle Download

New Bollywood Movie “Nazar Andaaz” English Subtitle Download post thumbnail image

Nazar Andaaz Movie English Sutitle Download

In the realm of shadows, a compassionate man with visual impairment extends an unexpected hand of friendship to a petty thief. However, this seemingly benevolent connection triggers a corrupt and chaotic competition for his wealth. His housekeeper, driven by greed, orchestrates a devious plan to manipulate the situation, while the petty thief grapples with newfound morality. The clash between deceit and redemption unfolds in the backdrop of the kind-hearted man’s world, weaving a tale of contrasting intentions and hidden agendas. As alliances shift and trust wavers, the visually impaired man becomes an unwitting pawn in a dangerous game that unravels the true nature of those around him, blurring the lines between loyalty and opportunism.

Release Date7 October 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time1h 44m

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