Masooda (2022) Movie Subtitle Download

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Masooda Movie Subtitle Download

In a tranquil town, a single mother and her daughter lead a serene life until an ominous force disrupts their peaceful existence. The intrusion of this malevolent presence shatters their sense of security, plunging them into a harrowing ordeal. Faced with the overwhelming darkness encroaching upon their lives, the mother and daughter turn to their neighbor for assistance.

As the three form an unlikely alliance, they embark on a journey to confront and overcome the sinister force that has invaded their once-harmonious home. The narrative unfolds as a gripping tale of resilience, unity, and the indomitable strength of a mother’s love. Together, they navigate through the shadows, seeking answers and solutions to expel the evil force that threatens to tear apart the fabric of their existence. The story weaves a suspenseful and emotional narrative, exploring themes of family bonds, courage, and the enduring spirit to protect the ones we hold dear in the face of adversity.

Release Date18 November 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 40m

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