New Bollywood Movie “Anek” Subtitle Download

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Anek Movie Subtitle Download

Joshua, a covert officer dispatched to manage peace talks in Northeast India, unexpectedly crosses paths with Aido, an aspiring boxer combating racial abuse. Amidst the tumultuous negotiations, their lives intersect in a poignant encounter. Aido, resilient despite facing discrimination, clings to her dream of securing a gold medal for her nation. Joshua, moved by her determination, becomes a silent supporter, blending his covert duties with a newfound admiration for Aido’s spirit. As tensions escalate in the region, their unlikely connection weaves a narrative of hope and courage. Joshua’s covert mission converges with Aido’s pursuit of glory, forming a unique alliance that transcends boundaries, offering a glimpse of unity amid discord in the troubled landscapes of Northeast India.

Release Date27 May 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 27m

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