New Bollywood Movie “Janhit Mein Jaari” English Subtitle Download

New Bollywood Movie “Janhit Mein Jaari” English Subtitle Download post thumbnail image

Janhit Mein Jaari English Subtitle Download

Armed with the will to shatter taboos, Mannu boldly chooses to become a condom salesperson, defying the reservations of her conservative family and society. Undeterred by societal norms that often stigmatize such roles, Mannu sees her mission as a catalyst for change. As she navigates through disapproving glances and stifling judgments, Mannu uses education as her weapon, aiming to dismantle the barriers surrounding discussions about sexual health. In the face of familial skepticism and community gossip, Mannu’s perseverance becomes a testament to the power of challenging societal norms. Through her unconventional career choice, she strives to initiate conversations, dismantle stigma, and empower individuals to prioritize their well-being, ultimately becoming a trailblazer in her community’s journey toward openness and acceptance.

Release Date10 June 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 26m

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