New Bollywood Movie “Operation Romeo” Subtitle Download

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Operation Romeo Movie Subtitle Download

Tormented by Mangesh, a supposed police officer, Aditya endured unspeakable horrors before reluctantly abandoning his girlfriend. Consumed by guilt and haunted by the unknown fate of his love, Aditya’s anguish transformed into a burning desire for revenge. The shadows of injustice fueled his determination, driving him to unveil the truth and bring Mangesh to justice. Aditya embarked on a relentless quest for redemption, his every step echoing with the echoes of betrayal. The pursuit of vengeance became a solitary battle against the demons of his past, as Aditya navigated a treacherous path, confronting the darkness within himself and the one who had shattered his world. The quest for retribution became a cathartic journey, a tale of resilience in the face of torment.

Release Date22 April 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 15m

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