New Tamil Movie “Miral” English Subtitle Download

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Miral Movie Subtitle Download

Haunted by unexplainable occurrences, the Smith family’s once serene home became a breeding ground for fear. Shadows danced eerily, whispers echoed in empty rooms, and a chilling presence lingered. Determined to shield his loved ones, the husband, Mark, delved into the unknown. Researching ancient lore and consulting paranormal experts, he unraveled a dark history tied to their residence. Armed with newfound knowledge, Mark initiated a ritual to cleanse their home. As candles flickered and incense wafted through the air, an otherworldly force fought back. Mark stood resolute, battling the supernatural to protect his family. Eventually, tranquility returned, and the once-haunted house became a haven. Mark’s bravery prevailed, shielding his family from the enigmatic dangers that once threatened to shatter their lives.

Release Date11 November 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time1h 55m

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