New Tamil Movie “Sembi” English Subtitle Download

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Sembi Movie Subtitle Download

In the aftermath of facing grave injustice, an elderly woman and a young girl find themselves entangled in a desperate bid for escape after an unintended tragedy involving a police officer. Fleeing the scene, they board a bus, their only refuge from the encroaching darkness. What begins as a journey of survival takes an unexpected turn when the diverse group of passengers on the bus extends an unanticipated helping hand. United by compassion and a shared sense of justice, the strangers on board rally together to shield the fugitives from the pursuing authorities. As the wheels of the bus roll towards an uncertain destination, a poignant tale unfolds, illustrating the power of humanity in the face of adversity and the potential for redemption even in the most dire circumstances.

Release Date30 December 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 40m

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