Purusha Pretham (2023) English Subtitle Download

Purusha Pretham (2023) English Subtitle Download post thumbnail image

Director: Krishand,

In “Purusha Pretham,” directed by Krishand, the narrative revolves around SI Sebastian, known for his brilliant stature. However, Sebastian’s credibility is tested when he misplaces a body, leading to trouble and chaos. The situation intensifies when a woman alleges that the deceased man is her husband. Krishand’s direction promises a blend of suspense, humor, and the complexities of law enforcement, creating a story that explores the consequences of a misplaced body and the ensuing challenges faced by SI Sebastian. “Purusha Pretham” is set to deliver a thrilling and entertaining tale as the characters navigate the repercussions of this unusual predicament.

Release Date24 March 2023
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Duration2h 1m

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