Raajahyogam (2022) Movie Subtitles Download

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Raajahyogam Movie Subtitles Download

In a whimsical tale, a car mechanic, smitten by the girl of his dreams, resorts to faking his identity to win her heart, unaware of the secrets she harbors. The romantic escapade takes an unexpected turn when the couple finds themselves embroiled in a precarious situation, unraveling a complex web of deception, danger, and dilemmas.

As the plot thickens, the mechanic is confronted with a critical choice between material wealth and the authenticity of love. The girl’s undisclosed secrets add layers of intrigue, testing the mechanic’s resolve and challenging the foundations of their relationship. The narrative explores the blurred lines between truth and pretense, highlighting the consequences of choices made in the pursuit of both love and financial gain.

Against the backdrop of this romantic dramedy, the mechanic must navigate a maze of conflicting emotions, moral quandaries, and external pressures. The story unfolds as a compelling exploration of the true value of love amidst the complexities of identity and the choices that define the course of relationships.

Release Date30 December 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 25m

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