Ranveer Singh New Movie “Jayeshbhai Jordaar” English Subtitle Download

Ranveer Singh New Movie “Jayeshbhai Jordaar” English Subtitle Download post thumbnail image

Jayeshbhai Jordaar English Subtitle Download

In a staunchly patriarchal family, Jayesh champions equal rights for women. When he discovers that his second child will be a girl, he confronts the imminent storm of his family’s disapproval. Determined to shield his wife from their ire, Jayesh devises a thoughtful plan. He discreetly educates his family on the importance of gender equality, weaving a narrative that fosters understanding and acceptance. Jayesh strives to reshape entrenched beliefs, emphasizing the strength and potential of his unborn daughter. As the due date approaches, he stands unwaveringly by his convictions, fostering a supportive environment within the confines of tradition. Jayesh’s courageous stance challenges societal norms, creating a small ripple of change within the walls of his patriarchal home.

Release Date13 May 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 4m

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