RDX: Robert Dony Xavier (2023) English Subtitle Download

RDX: Robert Dony Xavier (2023) English Subtitle Download post thumbnail image

Director: Nahas Hidayath

In “RDX: Robert Dony Xavier,” directed by Nahas Hidayath, the narrative unfolds around the dynamic trio of young friends – Robert, Dony, and Xavier – who initially bond over honing their martial arts skills at a local academy. However, a confrontation with a rival gang forces them to part ways. Years later, the trio’s paths converge once again when a brutal assault compels them to reunite. Hidayath’s direction promises a riveting story of friendship, loyalty, and the resilience of a formidable team in the face of adversity. “RDX” is poised to deliver an action-packed tale that explores the enduring bonds forged through martial arts and the challenges that test the strength of those connections.

Release Date25 August 2023
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Duration2h 31m

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