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In the crossroads of academia and emotions, “Kavya,” a medical student, and “Akshay,” an engineering student, find themselves entangled in a love story threatened by the shadows of an ugly gang war between their respective colleges. What begins as a blossoming connection between two young hearts soon becomes a complex narrative of love tested by the harsh realities of rivalry and violence.

As Kavya and Akshay navigate the tumultuous waters of their relationship, the narrative unfolds as a dramatic exploration of the impact of external forces on personal lives. The gang war casts a looming shadow over their love story, forcing the couple to confront challenges that extend beyond the usual trials of a romantic relationship.

This tale promises a blend of romance and drama, delving into the resilience of love amidst adversity. Against the backdrop of campus conflict, “Kavya” and “Akshay” must navigate a path strewn with challenges to preserve the purity of their connection in the face of external chaos.

Release Date14 January 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 25m

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