Sukhee (2023) English Subtitle Download

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“Sukhee,” directed by Sonal Joshi, offers a humorous and insightful exploration of identity and self-discovery. When a middle-class housewife, once known for her rebellious attitude in high school, decides to attend her class reunion, she sets off a chain of events that challenges societal expectations and redefines her sense of self. Joshi deftly navigates the complexities of relationships and societal norms, portraying the protagonist’s journey with warmth and humor. As the housewife confronts her past and embraces her true nature, “Sukhee” becomes a celebration of authenticity and the pursuit of happiness on one’s own terms. Through its engaging storytelling and relatable characters, the film offers a lighthearted yet poignant reflection on the power of self-acceptance and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Release Date22 September 2023
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Duration2h 19m

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