Vetri (2022) Movie “Jiivi” Subtitle Download

Vetri (2022) Movie  “Jiivi” Subtitle Download post thumbnail image

Jiivi 2 Movie Subtitle Download

Saravannan embraced a new chapter, marrying Kavitha for a fresh start. Yet, tranquility shattered when his old friend, Mani, reentered his life. Initially a source of joy, Mani became a catalyst for unforeseen challenges. Torn between loyalty and the complexities of his renewed life, Saravannan found himself navigating a maze of emotions. Mani’s return brought a wave of nostalgia, but it also unearthed unresolved conflicts and tested the foundations of Saravannan’s newfound happiness. As friendships intertwined with family, Saravannan grappled with decisions that would redefine his journey, forcing him to confront the intricacies of relationships, loyalty, and the resilience needed to rebuild one’s life amid unexpected twists.

Release Date19 August 2022
File TypeSRT (Zip File)
Running Time2h 2m

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